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Linda asks…

how much does tiling cost in Cardiff Wales?

I’m a handyman & recently moved to Wales, I’m interested in getting an idea of what people are paying so as not to over charge.

Floor & Wall Tiling to be specific. I’m guessing about 20 quid a sq. metre but perhaps that’s too expensive.

Handyman Best In Cardiff answers:

Charging by the hour is the way to go I think to get you started, £20 per sq.metre is a bit too  expensive

Donna asks…

should i report my neighbour for benefit fraud?

both are living in the same house but are getting paid single benifits and hes working with his mate on a handyman business the vans parked out side my drive everyday and has no road tax on it

Handyman Best In Cardiff answers:

I would not get involved if I were you, but if you do then write an anon letter so there is no way you can be traced

Sandra asks…

I need to move out, but have no money?

I’m 19, have no income, apart from jobseekers. And as soon as that money goes in, I pretty much have to take it out again to pay for living where I currently am. I can’t stand this cesspit of a village and have wanted to move for the past two years.

Before any of you say “get a job” “welcome to the real world” and all of those unhelpful answers. I don’t want to hear it. I’ve been living in the real world my whole life, so I know what it’s like. And there aren’t many jobs around where I am, believe me, I’ve been looking. I just want to get out of this place, and move to Cardiff and work there. I’ve been looking for jobs there, and applying for a few, but I really just want to get a flat sorted and move, then look for a job more seriously, could even consider part time work until I found a proper job.

So my question is, how can I go about moving? Because to get money, I need a job.. And to get a job, I need to move.. And to move, I need money. It’s just one vicious circle.
I went to Barclays, the bank I’m with and because I have no income, I can’t get a loan.
Been on jobseekers almost 6 months now. There’s nothing around where I live. And I do actually need to move. Living where I am is causing a lot of hassle, and my mum is now constantly hitting her overdraft. So yes. I NEED to move. She even told me that if this keeps up, then I’m gonna have to find somewhere else to stay, and constantly reminds me that I need to move and get out of the village I live in.

Handyman Best In Cardiff answers:

You may ‘need’ to move out but you certainly can’t afford to – UNLESS you broaden your horizons a bit. Start applying for any job which offers accommodation: hotel/bar staff, au pair/mother’s help (both sexes welcome these days), handyman etc.

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